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Digital Learning

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Code Quality

Deep RPA

Code Quality Analyzer

Code reviews with speed & confidence

  • Reinforce best practices and standards
  • Identify risk/security considerations
  • Search entire automation with ease
  • Review all code and meta-data on single view
  • Rules engine allows infinite customizations
  • Supports code diffs, text based exports

Benefits for your team

  • Eliminate tedious, error-prone manual reviews
  • Drive consistency in development practices
  • Assess every automation for risk and security 
  • Expand or federate with adequate governance and control
  • Validate the output of your implementation partners

Digital Learning Platform

Our on-demand, learn-by-doing platform combines online instruction with hands-on, feedback-driven labs, and expert-level human support.


Games & Contests

Our custom-built games encourage productive competition, and a chance to prove individual success. Lessons learned feedback into research that fuels our platform.


Learning by Doing

In our platform, you build knowledge through hands-on practice. We mix complementary aspects of expert-driven and online education for enhanced retention, and for a highly adaptable, easy-to-access learning process. Individuals actively drive the experience on their own time, choosing what they learn, how deep to go, and when to engage.


Expert Guides

Our instructors are RPA experts. When they are not advising and collaborating in our forums, they are engaged in professional practice with customers, doing the work.


Performance Data & Analytics

Users receive performance data in real time. Our leaderboards create an opportunity to bring out the competitive side in your team. A full suite of usage analytics gives leadership clear insight into the engagement of individuals and teams.


Lab Environment

Our labs are a hub for hands-on learning through actual RPA exercises that work. Participants level up from exercises learning and practicing basic skills, to solving more complex problems that require multiple skills, to creating full-fledged business processes with multiple solution paths.


Library of Content

You can access relevant, specific modules of content as you need them, and go back to them when you need to reinforce your knowledge. Our library grows as technology does, driven by insights gained from working in the field.

HFS Hot Vendor 2018 Q3

HFS has designated Neuralify as a Hot Vendor due to its focus on enabling RPA adoption within enterprises. Neuralify is one of the only vendors specifically focused on continuous education for RPA.
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Our students rate our online and in-person instructions as world-class.

What our Clients Say

Neuralify’s expertise and approach has accelerated our RPA capabilities and put in place a foundation upon which to scale. It’s important to partner with real specialists who will be there along the RPA journey with you.”

Ian Maher
VP, Strategic Sourcing,
The Hanover

You told us that the difference between Neuralify and other service companies was that you are a special forces group. I can attest to this — instead of doing all of the work for us, you focused on getting us ready for the challenges to come.”

RPA Solutions Group

This was the best online RPA training I have ever attended. Great content showing real-life best practices, patterns and tricks…Excellent, practice-oriented enablement.”

Fortune 50,
Global Technical
Sales Leader

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Stimulate interest, awareness and engagement with our novel RPA gaming platform!

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Expert Talks

Join us for weekly discussions led by our experts, on a wide range of topics of automation and technology related topics.

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